Sunday, 29 March 2009

...sunday swim...

Just back from the pool!

Managed another 50 lengths, was only planning 40 but at about 30 thought about the extra glitter and glue 10 lengths would get so, kicked on to the 50!

Total: 240 lengths

I realised it might not be clear about the whole sponsorship thing...basically it would be great if you were happy to sponsor me a few lengths - if everyone I know does that then hopefully by the end of the year I could reach the $2000 target.  At the moment, I don't have way to collect money but I'm working on it!! 

So maybe RSS feed this blog and then you will know as soon as I've sorted it out ;-)

Thursday, 26 March 2009

oh yes and...

...i figure if I make this blog then I have to keep up with the swimming!

oh my...I seem to be blogging!

Hey there...I'm trying an experiment and doing two things that I don't like:

1) exercise
2) blogs

I'm doing this for a good cause though.  Decided to try and raise $2000 for the Half the Sky charity to fund a year of art supplies for a room in a chinese orphanage...anyway after several suggestions, such as shaving off my hair and eating broccoli, I decided to swim for China!  So I'm attempting to do 2000 lengths by the end of the year and hoping that people will sponsor me one length at a time...i.e. a dollar a length which is about 70p.

I started at the beginning of March and am currently on 190 lengths.

And this is day 1 of the blog...I have no idea how you do things on it but I will work it out. I'll even post up a photo of me in swim outfit.

I am happy for people to come and verify that I am doing the lengths! I generally swim at Crystal Palace 25m scheduled swim Friday 27 March and then Sunday 29 March.

Haven't yet worked out how you can sponsor me other than post up and say you will :-) but if I think I will actually raise some money then I can put it on but I'll need to get the Charity to register first as they are US based.

Anyway, enough for now.