Friday, 29 May 2009

...tested out a new pool...

managed a measley 32 lengths yesterday....Beckenham Spa is not a great experience, very expensive and sooooooooo noisy.  I couldn't bear it for more than the 30 lengths.

Need to test out a couple more pools - so annoying that the Crystal Palace training pool isn't always open...that was perfect. Grrrr...

Total lengths so far: 452

Monday, 25 May 2009

oh yes, I've gone super size!

well...the crystal palace national sports centre is now open, and yes, its only a stone's thrown from the mighty Penge. I decided to give the Olympic pool a try. It is very COLD!!! and quite scary having to swim 50m at a go but I managed to do 20 lengths which is still 1km, and 40 lengths in old money. Will be much harder to do 2000 lengths in that pool so might have to switch back to a smaller one!

Anyway scores on the doors:

420 lengths 

only 1580 to go....oh la la!