Sunday, 20 December 2009

swimming buddy...

for the 1st time today I had a swimming buddy, Gords came to do some lengths with me. I managed a whopping 42

total now: 1322
only 678 to go!

Gords did 40...not sure if they can count towards the official total as I didn't actually swim them, so lets keep them in reserve in case the total gets to be a long way off as we head to CNY.

I still really need to do around 100 lengths a week, eek...and there's christmas in the way.

Sunday, 13 December 2009

32 minutes...

I am officially now quite sad when it comes to my swim! Had to go to the fancy pool which has the advantage of a digital clock, so I timed myself 32 minutes to do 40 lengths, but boy did I have to do laps 28 - 38 at a faster than normal pace.
Have rewarded myself with some treacle tart!

so 1280 done
720 to go, should be doable by 14 Feb!


Sunday, 6 December 2009

free swim...coolio....

By signing a piece of paper last week at the pool they offered me a free swim...saving me a whole £2.25...wahooooo...

anyway despite thinking I am coming down with a cold I managed another 40...

1240 done
760 to go

might just make it by Chinese New Year...the year of the tiger...grrrr....